Research Specialists of Arizona

Research Specialists of Arizona has become what it is today by evolving from a successful research facility to a Site Management Organization.  In September 2016 we opened our doors to invite other doctors, interested in learning how to conduct clinical trials, to partner with us. We understand the challenges that research sites face and strive to successfully manage our partnering offices using our vast experience.

As a Site Management Organization, our main focus is to assist doctors, new to clinical research, in developing the tools and knowledge to successfully run trials in their own facilities. We offer all the training and information necessary to get sites up and running. We facilitate the clinical trial process by using Good Clinical Practice, expertise and focusing on the protection of privacy, confidentiality and safety of all subjects.

Join Research Specialists of Arizona in adding awareness to clinical research. Become a principal investigator and offer cutting-edge programs that will allow you to do research.

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